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Your nails speak volumes about you. For those who value their appearance, follow these essential tips to keep your nails on point and make a lasting impression:

  • Trim your nails: Keep your nails properly trimmed to your desired length and file them thoroughly to achieve a smooth look and shape. The same rule applies when using artificial nails.
  • Polish them neatly:Irrespective of your colour choice, make sure your nails are neatly polished and always use a base coat first!
  • Keep them moisturized: Like your skin, your nails need moisture to stay healthy. Use lotion or oil on your nails and cuticles often.

Trendy Nails Design

Ladies we bring you chic elegant designs to explore this year.

French Manicure

It’s a clean and natural look that never goes out of style. This timeless design features a natural base with white tips, creating a clean and sophisticated appearance that suits any occasion. This is a must try for women who like to keep things simple and classy!

Nude Nails

If you don’t like loud colours, then neutral shades like beige, taupe, or soft pink is for you. Natural colours will always add a touch of understated elegance to your nails and the best part is that they complementary outfit or event.

Subtle Sparkle

If you love a bit of sparkle, add a subtle shimmer or glitter to your nailsfor a touch of glamour without overwhelming the overall look. This will give you that “city girl” vibe and it is absolutely gorgeous!

Classic Reds

Red nails are bold and confident. Whether you choose a deep burgundy or a vibrant crimson, red manicures are timeless and versatile for making a bold statement while remaining effortlessly chic.

Nail care tips for long-lasting and healthy nails

  • Protect your nails: Wear gloves while doing household chores, especially when using harsh chemicals or detergents. This prevents your nails from becoming brittle and weak.
  • Avoid nail biting and picking: These habits can damage the nail bed and lead to infections. Try using a bitter-tasting nail polish or other deterrents to help break the habit.
  • Use nail polish remover sparingly: Choose an acetone-free nail polish remover and use it only when necessary. Overuse can dry out your nails and make them brittle.
  • Don’t ignore nail problems: If you notice any changes in your nails such as discoloration, thickening, or unusual growth, consult a dermatologist or a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Maintain a healthy diet: Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, biotin, and vitamin E, can help promote nail health.
  • Avoid using your nails as tools: Don’t use your nails to pick, scratch, or pry objects as this can cause damage and weaken your nails.

Give your nails a break: If you frequently wear nail polish or artificial nails, take breaks in between to allow your nails to breathe and recover.

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