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As we honour the achievements of women, we explore the communications industry in Africa to spotlight an inspiring and innovative figure – Mimi Kalinda, the co-founder of Africa Communications Group. Established in 2012, this media powerhouse aimed to revolutionize the communication landscape by empowering African creatives.

When Mimi initiated the company in 2012, her vision was ambitious within the realm of public relations. She believed in sharing untold stories, particularly those from diverse parts of Africa. During interviews, Mimi expressed optimism about the industry’s potential in Africa, citing the rising use of social media by young talents. However, she stressed the need for better training and increased opportunities for industry professionals.

Under Mimi’s leadership, Africa Communications Group has effectively amplified the voices of African creatives to both local and global audiences, providing dependable and accessible communication solutions.

Nevertheless, Mimi faced challenges as a female entrepreneur in Africa, including initial financial constraints, networking difficulties, and a lack of guidance. Despite these hurdles, she persevered, seeking assistance when needed and demonstrating the value of seeking help.

Mimi emphasizes the importance of self-care, advocating practices such as meditation, journaling, and spending time in natureas essential practices for a work-life balance.Mentorship also played a crucial role in Mimi’s success, with personalities like Spike Lee and Addis Alemaheyou offering valuable guidance on leadership and authenticity. Additionally, she has a dedicated team that always provides crucial support, especially during challenging times.

Through her social media presence, Mimi continues to promote African talent, hoping to inspire other women to pursue their aspirations in the communication sector. Her advice to aspiring women in the industry is to embrace innovation, authenticity, and networking, urging them to maintain self-belief even during challenging times.