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The Nollywood Trailblazer – BIMBO ADEMOYE!


Bimbo is undoubtedly a master of comedy, leaving audiences in stitches with her impeccable sense of humor. If you’ve had the pleasure of watching any of her movies, you can vouch for her comedic brilliance. Recently, she was honored with the prestigious AMVCA award for Best Actress in Comedy, thanks to her outstanding portrayal in the popular series “Selina.” This well-deserved recognition serves as a testament to her remarkable talent, versatility, and captivating ability to captivate viewers with her comedic prowess.

Her journey in the entertainment industry began nine years ago with a remarkable short film titled “Where Talent Lies,” directed by Eva George. Since then, she has appeared in over a hundred successful movies, earning her a prominent position as one of the hottest and most celebrated actors in Nollywood. Bimbo’s stellar performances in various series and movies, including “This Is It,” “Desperate House Girls,” “Suga Rush,” and “Anikulapo,” have further solidified her reputation.

Who can forget her unforgettable role in “Breaded Life”? Her flawless execution of the accent switch was nothing short of extraordinary, a testament to her dedication and commitment to her craft. Bimbo’s unwavering determination and rigorous training undoubtedly played a significant role in her ability to deliver such a memorable performance.

Bimbo openly shared her journey of preparing for her role in “Breaded Life” during an interview with Vanguard. She admitted, “To be honest, I took classes. I had a tutor, but it was easy to learn because, again, going to buy fish in the Oyinbo market, I observed that the Egun people used to speak like that. Also, I had a woman, Iya Bernard, who sells Ewa-Agoyin (Beans), and she used to have a bread seller beside her who was Egun as well. So, putting all those characters in my head and taking classes to learn how to speak was what brought Breaded Life to life.”

Bimbo has gained popularity as the most relatable Nollywood actress, drawing inspiration from her surroundings and experiences while growing up in Ebute Metta. In an interview with The Guardian, she explained, “Every single character you see me portray is somebody that I grew up with. For instance, my newest show called Iya Barakat TeropiSecxxion, which goes on YouTube, is just a combination of home analytics. My brother used to have a lisp where he uses ‘F’ in his speech instead of the ‘S’ sound, so I put that in. Then my aunty with the way she looks, or my hairdresser the way she appears. I grew up in Ebute-Metta, so I had different people, different mannerisms, different pronunciations – you see someone say, ‘have you gone to fix your eyelaches’ (instead of eyelashes). People see it as comedy, but I am just doing what I saw while growing up as a child. And I am glad it is putting a smile on people’s faces.”

One remarkable aspect of Bimbo’s career is her dedication to exploring various social media platforms to entertain and educate her audience. Her YouTube series, “Iya Barakat TeropiSecxxion,” serves as an example. Through this series, she addresses important societal issues like mental health and domestic violence in a humorous manner, allowing viewers to both laugh and gain valuable insights into life and society.

Bimbo’s close relationship with her father is evident from her Instagram posts, showcasing the bond they share. This connection has played a significant role in shaping her confidence and dedication to her craft.

Recently, Bimbo launched another YouTube series called “Sibe,” leaving her fans eagerly anticipating more creative endeavors from her in the future.